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Oh god, I have become a Second Life blogger. How crazy is that. Well, here goes. So, why the hell am I blogging SL? Because all the blogs out there focus on girly clothes and pretty dresses and cutesy-poo looks. Well, tough chicks can look fashionable in SL, too.

Flex, baby, flex!

Flex, baby, flex!

So let’s see how this works. This’ll be way more fun when I can drag my friends into it, too.

wtf are you doing looking at alt text?  The age of lynx is over!

Check me out looking all rockstar.

Both pictures:
Skin: Vive9
Hair: Hayate’s Hair Lab
Boots: Maitreya
Bodysuit: Ohmai
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry
Belt: Cobrahive
Cuff: Hermony
Armband: Virtual Insanity
Poses: Striking Poses

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