Rawr and all that o yeah

Okay, so I’m gonna blog stuff! Like really!

First, Fiction & Chaos has a new hair. I have been shopping at F@C for ages. It is not the world’s most realistic hair, nor does it have the most refined textures, or any of that…but there’s a roughness to it that I really like. Their target audience is that kind of dirty neko look, and I don’t really go for the neko thing, but I can get into the scruffy-tough look. Anyway. So the new hair is nice. I had some problems resizing it, but Nix Winterfeld is way awesome (despite refusing to acknowledge the superiority of cake) and hooked me up with a resize-scripted version, which worked perfectly. So yeah.



Next thing worth a mention is that I’m wearing one of the &bean skins. Now, everybody and their fluffy pet cat has blogged that &bean is having a sale, so all I’ll say about that is O HEY SALE AT &BEAN SRSLY. My fluffy pet cat will blog about it tomorrow.

In general, I am not into &bean skins…but then again, in general, I was not into Vive9 skins, because I always thought they looked too girly. But then I found the right Vive9 skin, yeah? Now it’s practically all I wear. I do like this skin — it’s just the right amount of roughed-up and cocky.

And the last thing — and really, best thing — is the new pose gift from BehaviorBody. These beautiful stairs contain 24 really excellent poses, and I mostly love them…but here’s the problem. They’re no-copy and the steps aren’t linked to the stair frame for absolutely no good reason. So if you rez them for photos, you’ve got to remember to grab both pieces at once when you pick them back up. Other than that, damn, these are really nice.



Hat / Hair: Fiction & Chaos
Skin: &bean
Shirt: Sweetest Good-bye
Pants: nova
Boots: The Abyss
Belt: Cobrahive
Bullet vest: DIRAM
Leather bracelets: Gabriel, Blitzed
Nails: Love Soul
Tattoo: Demise
Poses: BehaviorBody


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