Posing at Le Pont des Arts

I went exploring Pixels Arts: Le Pont des Arts today after Second Life recovered from its massive grid failure last night. I thought, hey, let’s go somewhere nice and pretty to distract from all the frustrations. Le Pont des Arts is one hell of a distraction — I was there way longer than I should have been, and didn’t even get to see all of it. To gauge from their Flickr feed, I’ve missed some awesome stuff and will have to go back once I’m able to spend more time!

Here’s the deal: I’m posting pictures of me on here. BUT! There are really insanely awesome pictures of art and sculpture on my Flickr (psst, look over –––> there). Go look. Or do one better: hit the SLURL above and go explore.

Lilliputians rock.

Lilliputians rock.

You may notice I’m still wearing the Mikan Hair Shop hair I blogged about a couple posts back. I never thought anything was going to replace my Truth hair as my default hairstyle, but this seems to have done so. Not only is it very well-textured, it’s also relaxed and casual and suits my style. Love it.

But here’s something more important that seriously needs addressing:

The King goes RAWR

Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

See that necklace? It’s Kunstkammer. Moreover, see my gorgeous eyes that you could just stare into for hours blah blah blahbiddy blah? Those are Kunstkammer too. And Kunstkammer has closed without any warning. Not a peep on her blog. What! Nuala’s stuff is frikkin’ awesome and so unique and clever and wtf. Dear Nuala Shippe: we love you, come back. I never got a pet raincloud. I liked your jewelry and furniture and your sexy tats (I rock the Briny Deep tat all the time). Come back!

Enough whining. I’ll just step into my handy time machine and go back a few months to when Kunstkammer was still open. Nothing bad ever happened by monkeying with the space-time continuum, right?

Time machine

Ha ha ha, I have a time machine!

Skin: Tres Blah
Hair: Mikan Hair Shop
Shirt: Mr.Poet
Corset: So Many Styles
Pants: Sweetest Good-Bye
Boots: LightStar
Necklace: Kunstkammer
Poses: #1: (pda); #2: Poise #3: —

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