Sunlight and shadow

Two looks today. For one, I’m out in the sun in a very casual but very nicely made shirtdress, exploring the Four Directions Bazaar, browsing the fresh fruit stands and dodging chickens. Seriously, I got some awesome pictures of me playing with the chickens. I am not posting them. Chickens make lousy housepets.

In the sunlight

In the sunlight

And then it was time for a different direction. I slipped over to the gorgeous Kowloon build and found a nice back alley, where the shadows of the walled city and the otherworldly splashes of neon played strange tricks on me.


Down a dark alley

In both pictures, I’m wearing a really cool skin from PASH. The skin’s called ‘Madame Grumpy’ and was probably meant to be uglier than it actually is — it looks fantastic when it’s tarted up right. PASH is closing soon and is having a massive sale on everything, so get it while it’s hot.

The dress is from a tiny little shop called Laba-Laba and is really nice and very cheap. But the real star is the new harem pants (and leggings) from Amerie. Seriously, these shorts are fantastic and despite being men’s size, took practically no resizing to work for me.


A better shot of the pants

Skin: PASH
Hair: MADesigns
Dress: Laba-Laba
Bracelet: IBizarre
Pose: don’t freak out (for Pose Fair 2010)
Skin: PASH
Hair: Miau Haus
Shirt: Acid&Mala
Shorts: Amerie
Leggings: Amerie
Sandals: Surf Co.
Scarf: League
Armwarmers: Action Skate & Surf
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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