I dreamed of a fair…

Earlier this week, or last week, or whenever May 1 was (because I have lost all track of time, and it has been a long week for me), the World Fair began in Shanghai. This year, several Second Life artists and creators have built amazing creations over five sims to be featured at the World Fair. Each sim is lacking a crucial element: one sim is built on a theme of no love, while another is built on a theme of no sound, and so on.


From Bryn Oh's Utopia01 sim

They are absolutely amazing. I’ve taken so many pictures I’m likely to go over my Flickr limit if I upload much more, but seriously, go look, and then go see. Start with Utopia 01 and hit the board at the landing point to get landmarks to all five islands (be sure to grab the recommended Windlight settings).

I swear there’s clothes stuff in here, too. See?

The chain

Follow the chain...

I logged on this morning to see an announcement from MissAllSunday Lemon that Wasabi Pills had a new hair out. It is no secret that I love Wasabi Pills hair, even if most of it is way too long and girly for me. The new style, Alma, is a mess of clashing alpha textures and transparencies and I really ought to hate it…but I LOVE it. It’s messy and asymmetric and it looks like I just pulled myself out of bed and accidentally look like a rockstar. Love it.


Even weird alien satellites think I look awesome.

Um, everything else I’m wearing is pretty casual for exploring. These Soubresauts from 2g are my favorite shoes in SL, though, and I don’t wear them in pictures enough, but I’m constantly wearing them for normal stuff. I also like their Courus.


It's the best picture I had of the shoes.

Good lord, this is long. Someday I’ll be a real blogger and learn to cut posts!

Skin: Digit Darkes
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Shirt: Galeria Fashion
Pants: &bean
Shoes: 2g
Rosary: noir *lily
Pose: #1 — MNK

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