Take your hat off, boy, when you’re talking to me

Today was 50 Linden Friday. I’m not going to blog about that. I mention it only because while I was out and about, I saw a woman (the very cool Freebie Fashionista Catherine F.) with awesome hair. I asked her where she got it, because I’m seriously nutso about good hair, and I don’t hesitate to ask when I see stuff I don’t recognize. She was kind enough to take me over to Mischief Boy. I thought, cool, I’ll look around, see if they have any freebies worth picking up.

First: uh, yeah. ALL their freebies are frikking awesome. Here are some:


Mirai by Mischief Boy


Towa by Mischief Boy


Taro by Mischief Boy

And then I looked around and realized they were having a massive crazy sale where all of their hair was L$39. That is not a typo. Seriously, L$39. More importantly, their hair is awesomely unisex and they make decent hat hair. I am constantly brokenhearted by the dearth of good short hat hair for women. I don’t want long flowing shampoo commercial hair under my hats (I’m looking at you, Maitreya, fri.day, and LeLutka). I want…this.


Riku by Mischief Boy


Souta by Mischief Boy

Also, there is really good short hair, like this:


Jiro by Mischief Boy

What, I may have gone a little crazy. I bought more than just these, but this is all I uploaded to Flickr. Anyway, get over there before the sale ends at the end of the month. And THANKS, CATHERINE!

Hair: Mischief Boy
Poses: I’m pretty sure all the poses are Del May.


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