Homage to Nagel

I’ve been working on this one for weeks. You’d think it would be easy — of all artists to re-create in Second Life, Patrick Nagel’s simple, elegant lines and cool beauty should be among the easiest. But no! It has been insanely hard. Finding shirts or sweaters that drape just so off a bare shoulder, finding hair that’s sculpted and swept back and dead-black, and — my god — finding perfectly white skin with bright red lips and stark black eyeliner all proved far more difficult than I expected. But in the end…

Homage to Nagel

…it was so worth it.

My inspiration is one of Patrick Nagel’s classic pieces:


I found this blue sweater at Ce Cubic Effect (Gabriel also has some fantastic off-shoulder sweaters, but none in a color that would work for this project), and I knew I was finally going to be able to put this look together. It’s brilliant and absolutely gorgeous: the textures are lush, the prims are easily modified, and I liked it so much I almost bought a ton of them.

The skin came from a small shop called mela’s — I had hoped that Nomine’s white skin line would work for me, but her make-ups were way too extreme for the simplicity of Nagel’s paintings. This one works fine. The hair is MADesigns: I’ve said before that I generally don’t like MADesigns hair because the textures have always been a little too flat, but this time their sculpted, static style worked in my favor. It was almost exactly the look I needed.

The “Risky” glasses from hoorenbeek complete the look…well, no, I needed the right earrings to complete the look, but seriously, nobody makes good earrings like these. And that’s a shame. Still, I’m tremendously happy with the end product.

There will be more. I just need to find the right clothes and the right poses. I’m working on it.

Hair: MADesigns
Skin: mela’s
Sweater: Ce Cubic Effect
Sunglasses: hoorenbeek
Earrings: Kumaki Glasses Style
Pose: don’t freak out

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