A Dangerous Woman

Last week, I was invited to a Big-Band themed party, and we were all expected to come dressed in clothes that reflected the theme. Well, of course, I thought of Betty Doyle and Ingenue…but I knew that every woman there would be dressed in Ingenue (because let’s be serious, it’s the best 50s-style garb on the grid). It’s also very girly, and we have already established that I am not particularly girly.

I thought about putting on my zoot suit — I do have one — but I had a different idea. I wanted to be one of those women…you know the ones, from the cautionary posters and covers of pulp novels. The fallen women and bad girls, the ones with battered leather jackets and bullet bras and bedroom eyes. Those women weren’t afraid of a damn thing, and they were beautiful and powerful and brilliant.

So this was me:

T-Bird Full of Trouble

She Was a T-Bird Full of Trouble With No Speed Limit

I had the Ploom updo with bobby pins showing, an old Themeory purchase — god, I love this style. It worked perfectly. The shirt is one of Whippet & Buck’s boatnecks, and the skirt (with gorgeous crinolines that move separately) is from Versteck, but sadly, Versteck doesn’t seem to actually sell it. My heels are ETD Starley pumps. But the key to the outfit is my gorgeous jacket from Aoharu, with its rolled-up sleeves and tough, sexy style. There is nothing I don’t like about Aoharu. I look like trouble…and I am a dangerous woman.

At the Diner


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Neuter Your Weird Friends

Neuter Your Weird Friends & Relatives

Skin: League
Hair: Ploom
Shirt: Whippet & Buck
Jacket: Aoharu
Skirt: Versteck
Shoes: ETD
Necklace & Earrings: Eolande
Watch: GBTM
Anklet: J’s
Poses: Striking Poses / Behavior Body

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