Diesel of the StickyKind

Yesterday, pinkdia Jolles of Govil Hair sent me an announcement that all their hair was on sale for L$39. I KNOW, RIGHT? And they’d had some hair that I was like, eh, maybe, but for L$39? Uh yes, please. So I popped over, wallet in hand. And I found the awesomest hair evar.

And the hair (which I’ll get to, I swear) inspired a wonderfully cheesy outfit, which sent me out looking for awesome places to take pictures, which led me to Toby’s Juke Joint, a really nice backwoods build. Everything just came together from there.

Diesel of the StickyKind

Diesel of the StickyKind

I went sexy with it because seriously, what is sexier than a Diesel of the StickyKind — with Injecto-Clean? NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT. So I had to put the hottie Elly May shirt from Before Sleep with it. The shirt comes with short-shorts, but seriously, I’d just laugh at myself too much if I tried to pull that off. So I went with longer shorts from Before Sleep. These are some of my favorite denim shorts; I wear them a lot. My shoes are, of course, my trusty Courus from 2g. I wasn’t kidding a few posts ago when I said Pique Flan makes practically the only sneakers I wear in SL. I have other sneakers, but I prefer 2g.


With Injecto-Clean!

Yee-haw, y’all!

Skin: Vive9
Hair: Govil
Shirt: Before Sleep
Shorts: Before Sleep
Shoes: 2g
Poses: Del May

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