I build stuff.

I have mentioned a few times that I build stuff. So here is a post in which I show some pictures of buildings. None of them are entirely finished, but what the hell, they’re close enough for bloggin’!

Skybox living room

Skybox living room

I’ve been working on builds for other people for a while now, so it was time I took a break and built something new for myself. Yes, the textures in the skybox photos are mostly Torley’s — I just wanted to throw some on there while I was building, and they actually look really good up there. I’m working on my own textures for the place right now, but in the meantime, these’ll do. I’ll probably change the interior design around some more as well, eventually. I have a lot of space and it’s not very full.

Couch: Apocalips
Rug: Kiki’s Comforts
Coffee table: True Love Never Dies
Television: artilleri
End tables: Lok
Lamp: nordari
Wine bottle & glass: Dutchie
Pillow: True Love Never Dies
Potted palms: Vivid Living
Ladder: True Love Never Dies

Skybox bedroom

Skybox bedroom

I know it looks like the textures aren’t lined up properly down there in the corner, but it’s only because there’s a stair there going down into the bedroom from the hall. And I know everyone uses this clock, but damn, it looks good.

Bed: Kopi
Screen: nordari
Clock: chronokit
Stool: True Love Never Dies
Easel: True Love Never Dies
Suitcase: *cheap cheap*
Art: Abiss
Cup of tea: nordari

Beach House

Beach House

I also made a little beach house for hanging out by the water and relaxing after a long day swimming and surfing. It’s almost finished — I just need to pop in the windows on the side you can’t really see. It’s got sit-target poses in the dock and the benches, and I’m pretty happy with it.

I’d credit what I’m wearing, but seriously, you can barely even see me down there. Let’s just assume I’m insanely fashionable as always. Right?

I’ll get back to clothes and exploration in my next blog adventure. Promise.


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