Krova Knight

A quickie before bed: I ran through the MadPeas hunt today. It was fun — really hard, but some of the mini-quests were really well done (Arctic Greenhouse’s, especially). I briefly unpacked a few of my gifts, and was thrilled to find this:

Krova Knight

Krova Knight

I have always loved Super Possessed, but the designer (I’m not logged in right now, can’t check to see who the designer is) doesn’t generally design for women. This is not only fantastic and excellently made, but it’s militaristic fantasy gear for women that doesn’t consist of a couple of half-dollars held over my nipples with some strategically placed straps. I look tough, well-armored, and still hot. AND IT’S A HUNT GIFT. See why I’m staying up late to write this?

Krova detail

Krova detail

Those of you who hunt should definitely do this one. There are some truly excellent prizes on it. And those of you who are into fantasy gear should absolutely check out this shop.

I’ll probably edit this to be way more coherent tomorrow.

Skin: Vive9
Hair: Exile
Everything else: Super Possessed
Pose: TorridWear


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