Happy rezday to me

Tuesday was my rezday. I totally forgot about it, because…uh…well, I don’t really care. But what the hell, I at least wanted to take a nice rezday picture. Presents, cake, booze, and a puddy tat. Sounds like my kind of rezday.

My Third Rezday

My Third Rezday

I actually spent most of today hanging out on the deck house with Sonia, watching the sunset and being snarky about how people dress in SL. And then I did a hunt. So it was really a very appropriate rezday.

Happy rezday, me!

Hair: mikan
Shirt: Mr.Poet
Tank: Miel
Jeans: Action Skate & Surf
Sandals: J’s
Pose: Del May

About Vaki

Seriously, Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is a masterpiece of modern cinema. What? It has Deborah Gibson in it. And there's this one scene where...what? Oh, like there's something better than a mega shark leaping out of the ocean and biting a plane in half. Whatever.
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