You guys, Pink Fuel has the awesomest mood clouds up for Project Themeory this weekend. You don’t even know. I mean, I don’t generally do “cute”, but seriously, you guys, look at these clouds. They are the Stuff Of Awesome. They come in like six different moods and they are animated. So you can be all punk rock and have scowly clouds over your head with lightning bolts! WHAT.

Moody Clouds

Moody Clouds RAWR

I grabbed my buddy Ibsen (that is a pun haw haw) (you might have to be old to get it) (it is past my naptime) and made him take pictures with me, because he had gotten the awesome clouds too. Ibsen is actually the founder of the Funny Name conglomerate. Say hi to Ibsen. Hi, Ibsen! He just doesn’t blog.

My hair is also from this week’s Themeory and is seriously awesome. I have a couple of Shag’s hairstyles — it’ll surprise no one that all the ones I have are their men’s styles, but they look good on me. This one looks fantastic, and comes in platinum, black, and blue-black.

My shirt is by R.icielli for the Dressing Room. I am consistently impressed by R.icielli’s stuff. It’s designed well with gorgeous texturing and well-sculpted prim pieces, and the fashion sense of the style has a great retro edge without going backwards. Okay, Tim Gunn moment over, I promise. Point is, it looks awesome. See, look:

More moody clouds

More moody clouds, RAWR!

Ibsen is fashionable in Ninikoboy and Connors. And also blending in with the background. Someone get that boy a colored shirt.

Skin: Vive9
Hair: Shag
Shirt: R.icielli
Trousers: nova
Earrings: Rozoregalia
Bracelet: KOSH

Hair: Sadistic Hacker
Shirt: Ninikoboy
Trousers: Connors

Pose: Del May

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