Spraypaint and lace

Just a quickie, because I am sick and NyQuil is giving me the bad touch. But I wanted to get this up.

Spraypaint and lace

Spraypaint and lace

When I was a teenage punk rocker, I had an outfit like this. I didn’t wear a lot of dresses, but antique lace over black leggings and a black tank with a battered black jacket over it was a wardrobe staple. I was really pleased to see this dress from choramimi today — I’d popped over there following a link from Val Southard’s blog, and the clothes there were really nice. Girly, but I can make ’em work. A leather jacket from +grasp+, this excellent floppy mohawk from Shag, and black leggings. Awesome.

I took more pictures than this, but this one made me smile, so it’s the only one I uploaded. Oh man, I need to go sleep now.

Skin: League
Hair: Shag
Jacket: +grasp+
Dress: choramimi
Leggings: Source (Le.Look gift)
Earrings: Rozoregalia
Necklace: noir*lily
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pose: hate me and eat me


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