Sales, redux.

I promised I’d post about the awesome sales that were popping up all over the grid…uh…a week or so ago. I have slacked off, because RL has kept me busy as hell and because good lord there were a lot of sales. Seriously, my linden balance is hurtin’. I know, I know, but look how much money I saved!

hoorenbeek: Mulligar

hoorenbeek: Mulligar

hoorenbeek: Biker

hoorenbeek: Biker

hoorenbeek: Lucille

hoorenbeek: Lucille

(See them bigger by clicking on the Flickr links. Over –> there.)

First: hoorenbeek. There was a massive sale there, with select items going for L$200. hoorenbeek is usually way overpriced (seriously, that’s how much for a t-shirt?), but the quality is pretty stunning, especially for their shoes. I bought, um, a lot at hoorenbeek. Helpful tip: hoorenbeek’s items are easily resized both through script and through standard edit, so it’s easy to buy men’s items and size them down for women’s shapes.

Next up: Gabriel. Gabriel is one of my favorite stores in SL, despite some frustrations with resizing (helpful tip: not everything at Gabriel sizes all the way down for women’s shapes, so you may end up with some frustrations when you buy). Takuya Jinn makes some brilliant clothes, though, and there’s just not room here to show everything I bought. Here’s one item, though:

Gabriel: Tailored Jacket Suit

Gabriel: Tailored Jacket Suit

Exodi also had a massive sale. I don’t have any pictures from it because I didn’t buy anything…and that’s only because I’ve already bought a ridiculous number of skins at Exodi. I credit Ryker Beck’s skins with really reinventing my avatar — I’d always been dissatisfied with the way I looked, no matter how much money I spent on skins. Then I stumbled across a freebie from Exodi (p.s., content creators, this is why you should never sneer at giving out freebies!), and suddenly saw myself in a new light. If Ryker would only start adding hairbases to Exodi skins, I’d probably go back to wearing them more, because I still really love them.

Also there was the sale, but I blogged that already.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Seriously, you guys, I spent too much money in the last week. It’s just crazy-go-nuts.

First group:
Skin: League
Hair: MADesigns
Boots: hoorenbeek

Second picture:
Skin: League
Hair: booN for TDR blue
Suit: Gabriel
Bra: Maitreya
Leggings: Vive9
Boots: Tesla
Pose: Miseria


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