A day at the beach

Here’s a secret: I love it when one of my friends doesn’t know all the same shops I do. Because as much as I hate shopping in real life, I love running around from store to store in SL, looking at all the awesome stuff. Today I was hanging out with my friend Kas, and she hadn’t ever been to some of my favorite stores. Little secret inside voice: yay!

Among the stores we went to was Aoharu. Karma is a bitch, you guys, because Aoharu has NEW SHIRTS, and they are awesome one-shoulder slouchy t-shirts with loads of sculptie goodness, very modifiable as Aoharu tends to be. HOORAY. Some of them have way cool pictures and stuff on them!

A day at the beach

A day at the beach

I have only taken one quick shot, because I was in a hurry. But trust me, you guys, these shirts are awesome!

Skin: !imabee
Hair: Posh
Shirt: Aoharu
Jeans: Action
Shoes: hoorenbeek
Pose: Diesel Works

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  1. Kaseido says:

    Hey Vaki! Thank you thank you thank you for taking me around to some of your favorite places yesterday – I got a ton of great stuff and had a blast!

    Let’s do it again as soon as my Linden balance recovers 😛

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