Blogger challenge: Bare Rose

Today, Grazia issued an awesome blogger challenge: get creative with June Dion’s brilliant BareRose outfits. Now, everybody loves BareRose — it’s some of the most creative attire in SL, and it’s excellent quality for a remarkably low price. But as Grazia mentioned, it doesn’t get blogged much; it’s just sort of there in the background, plugging away being awesome.

I wanted to go for a space western look: I combined parts of the Lady Casablanca outfit and the Cyber Arm, both of which I’ve had for…um…a long time. The combined effect was pretty damn awesome.

Where the poker droids roam

Where the poker droids roam

I did one other in just the cyber arm:

Metal and light

Metal and light

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: booN
Clothes: BareRose
Tattoo: Para Designs
Poses: SLC, Diesel Works

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  1. Grazia says:

    See… that’s why BareRose is so awesome!!! You’ve created an awesome look!

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