A military fashion show

We could be friends with a kiss and flow
Choose your weapon, time to go —
A military fashion show

I’ve been looking for a sexy military-style coat for a while now. Today, while running through the Good Shit Hunt (which is awesome and worth doing, despite some glitches), I came across a shop I’ve never seen before called Hilarious. It was a small shop, but the work was good, and a very nice military-style coat caught my eye. I bought one, and it fit me well with very little adjusting. Nice texture work, good prims. Cute little buttons on the sleeves (trust me on this one…I swear they showed up in some of my pictures!).

Now she's slipping on a uniform

Now she's slipping on a uniform

I spoke to Kesseret Steeplechase, the owner, who was tremendously nice and offered me the same coat in an unreleased color, which is what I’m blogging because it looks awesome on me. But trust me: the other colors are fantastic, too. I bought it in pumpkin, and normally you’d think: who’d wear an orange coat? But it’s a great rusty brown. I’m really thinking of going back for the fatpack.

I’ve paired it with gold leggings from League and the Lucille boots from hoorenbeek, which I’ve blogged before. Also, I’m wearing the Clara hair from Pocket Mirrors. Pocket Mirrors can be hit and miss, but man, Alair Cortes nails curly hair beautifully. I love it and am having a hard time taking this off. Its only downside: it really needs a hairbase under it to smooth out the connection between hair and skin.

Girlfriends, girlfriends

Girlfriends, girlfriends

Skin: League
Hair: Pocket Mirrors
Coat: Hilarious
Leggings: League
Boots: hoorenbeek
Eyepatch: Hat Mechanic
Poses: LAP, TorridWear


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4 Responses to A military fashion show

  1. kesseret says:

    Yay! I am so happy you like it! Your pictures are great and those metallic tights from league are so versatile. Also introduced me to a new hair, I am in need of curly hair. Thank you.

    • Vaki says:

      So glad you liked the post, Kesseret! I love the jackets — thank you again. And yes, definitely check out Pocket Mirrors for good curly hair!

  2. Kaseido says:

    Very “Sky Captain” – what a fantastic look, and set off by great poses as always!

    • Vaki says:

      Thanks, Kaseido! You should definitely do the Good Shit Hunt…it’s awesome and it really introduced me to some cool new shops. As you know, I love seeing new shops!

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