Hotter than you in the library

You’d think I spend enough time in the library RL that I wouldn’t want to pretend to be there in my pretendy fun time. Yes, I am a very old grown-up, but I went back to school for a post-grad degree (oh god, don’t do that! Don’t!), and I spend a LOT of time in the library.

But here’s how these pictures happened…

In the library

In the library

I did the Good Shit Hunt (see earlier post!). Glam Affair is part of it, and their gift was the Sofia skin in this gorgeous dark shade. Now, African skin on SL is always tricky. Too many skin designers just take white skin, with its red base, and go darker. Wrong! African skin has a yellow base. A red base works well for dark-complexioned Hispanic skins and Indian skins. Glam Affair got a good shade with this gorgeous skin, and despite the lack of hair base, I’ll probably wear it around for a while. It’s really beautiful.

Once I had the skin, I started looking for outfits. I’d wanted something light or colorful, but the sweater vest under the blazer from UK Couture just worked. To dress down the blazer, I paired it with a denim skirt from Laba-Laba, which I love. High heels from Pixel Mode were a little too girly, so I tossed on some awesome athletic socks from ARAI.

The last element was the hair. It really did go last, because I was having so much fun putting hair with the skin. I decided on these very sexy mini-dreads from Discord Designs, available at Savoir Hair, but it really speaks well for this skin that I was having a hard time settling on a hair because everything looked good.

School kicks ass, oh yeah!

School kicks ass, oh yeah!

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Discord Designs
Shirt / Jacket: UK Couture
Skirt: Laba-Laba
Socks: ARAI
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Poses: marukin


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