Operation Squeegee starts tomorrow OMG WUT!

Operation Squeegee

Operation Squeegee

You guys, Operation Squeegee starts tomorrow. There is some awesomery there like you would not believe, and all these incredible designers and creators have come together and made cool stuff for a good cause. WHAT CAUSE IS THAT, you ask? Why, I will tell you so you don’t have to click on the handy link above.

“Operation Squeegee exists to raise funds and awareness for the National Wildlife Federation. . . . We care about the ecosystems, animals, and humans of this lovely planet Earth. We are inspired to band together and to support the work others are doing to mitigate the effects of the gulf coast oil spill. It is our belief that one of the most important things we can do right at this moment is help that effort. Time is of the essence, as is our world.” (see here for organization and donation information).

Seriously, people, awesome content being donated to recovery efforts for the Gulf Coast oil spill. That’s good stuff! And check this out:

Preparations are underway

Preparations are underway

Tomorrow this whole sim will be bursting with people. Show up early, guys, because this event lasts from July 1-July 15. I’ll be there with you. There’s a ton of stuff I want!

DJ Stage @ Operation Squeegee

DJ Stage @ Operation Squeegee

Here’s the DJ stage. There will be DJs, storytellers, games, and performing artists throughout the event…so don’t just come once, come often! …Um, that wasn’t meant to be an innuendo. It just turned out that way. BACK TO THE BLOG, PEOPLE.

Here’s a sneak at some of the stuff, which includes clothing (designers like 5th & Oxford, Pig, Hilarious, Sn@tch, and SySy’s), poses (Lyndz-Matic, Estetica, Slash Me Poses, and No Strings Attached), homes / furniture (Thistle Homes, Urvilan Narrowboats, Grimalkin Workshop, Noctis), jewelry / accessories (Ticky Tacky, Baubles Boho Jewelry), and really great toys and attachments (*KK* Kattastrophe, Zanzibar creationZ, etc):

That’s stuff from *KK* Kattastrophe, Pig, and Lyndz-Matic…but there’s way more total awesomeness to be had. Can’t wait til tomorrow, you guys! I will see you there!

(No, I’m not giving out a slurl. Not til tomorrow. Be patient!)


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