Newbie Style Challenge

Gogo over at JuicyBomb recently issued a Newbie Style Challenge: could we make a well-dressed, nice-looking avatar with little to no money? Too many newbies start off the game not knowing where to go to make themselves look good, and end up begging for lindens. However, there are loads of awesome designers who give really fantastic stuff away for free, if people just look.

Meet Lane, who was made yesterday and kitted out for nothin’. Yep — I spent zero on him. No, that’s not true: I bought a skin for L$10, but it looked like hell so I’m not wearing it. What he’s actually wearing only cost my time.

Lane, full outfit

Lane, full outfit

I went with a male avatar because making a guy on SL is hard enough; making one look good for free is frikking ridiculous. While there are a ton of awesome skin designers who give their hard work away for free, most of them require joining groups with fees attached. However, CStar has a monthly lucky board, and all it took to get this great skin (with awesome 70s stache) was time.

My hair comes from Exile, which has fantastic hair and offers a wide assortment of freebies for men and women. I had so many options I had a hard time choosing one. In the end, the skin dictated the hair choice. My eyes are a hunt gift from Umedama Holic — they may be a little too purple for me, but hey, free and from Umedama Holic, hello.

The hoodie is also a lucky chair gift from Dutch Touch. The silver shirt under it, as well as the great slip-on shoes, are from Truth Hawks from the Gnubie Store. The comfy-looking trousers are from the Sea Hole, also at the Gnubie Store.

The shape is my own.

The big thing, though, that I know newbies struggle with is the AO…and I am wearing one! I’m wearing the one from Long Awkward Pose that’s free to avatars 30 days old or less; however, I know that there’s a good one at Vista for L$1 as well, and if I was going to feature AOs for newbies, I’d customize an AO with stuff from both. Tuty’s might also have a free one for men — I know they have one for women.

Lane close up

Lane close up

Skin: CStar
Hair: Exile
Undershirt: Truth
Hoodie: Dutch Touch
Trousers: The Sea Hole
Shoes: Truth
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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2 Responses to Newbie Style Challenge

  1. Bastet says:

    Nice work! I was thinking about creating a male avatar, but I already have an malt so, I thought I should try a female (to celebrate my rezday too). But I’m really happy seeing you created a male one!

  2. Vaki says:

    Thank you! Your female newbie looked so good, I’m glad you made her (and happy rezday!). Doing a male was really hard; I know where all the good stuff for women is!

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