Twinkle Night Bazaar

So the Twinkle Night Bazaar opened at the beginning of the month, and I grabbed a friend and went exploring. It was awesome. Everything there is L$50 or under, and there’s some very cute stuff (and when I say “cute”, I mean cute). Kimonos with stars all over, poofy dresses, ballet flats with stars…so yeah, I’m not really wearing a whole lot from there, but it was a very fun shopping trip.

In addition to the sparkly girly stuff, there was FUN STUFF. Oh my god. There was a gatcha full of deely boppers! Yes, I’m old enough to have worn these when they first came out, and I love them with all my happy little heart. I got them in alien green, and my friend got them in what looked like yellow with red spots. They were awesome.

Dude, I have deely boppers!

Dude, I have deely boppers!

Also, as you can see, I got a water balloon on a rubber band, and it bounces up and down with its own little animation. It comes in three colors for L$10 and makes me happy. LOVE. I got a bunch of other stuff, but these are what I threw on to take pictures.

Oh as you can see, I am also wearing an AWESOME kimono jacket. This is not from the Twinkle Night Bazaar; it is from Awram-Vie, and comes in four gorgeous fabric patterns, each for L$100. I love Awram-Vie.

Everything else I’m wearing is just casual — I wasn’t really planning on taking blog pictures, I was just shopping. But the Bazaar was way fun and called for it.

Water balloon awesomeness

Water balloon awesomeness

Skin: League
Hair: Mikan
Shirt: Tonktastic
Jacket: Awram-Vie
Jeans: Vive9
Deely Boppers: duboo
Water Balloon: hanauta
Poses: my AO


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