Stonecutter at work

I didn’t mean to blog this outfit. It just kind of happened. Pretty much all of it, other than the suspenders, has been sitting in my inventory for a while, and the suspenders aren’t really new…but they’re awesome. I’d just been waffling on buying the brown or the black for ages (p.s., the brown rocks). They’re a great mix of sculpted and system pieces by Yaszi Mornington of Meriken Co., and I love them. They are not designed to be worn under things; wear them and be proud of your suspendery self.

Clematis boots

Clematis boots

Here’s the big reason I wanted to blog this look, though: iitomo Allen has re-opened Clematis and these boots are available again. These boots are fantastic — for a while a few months ago, they were only available as a gatcha, and now you can actually buy them at her store. I’ve wanted to blog them for frikking ages but they weren’t available, and now they are. Hooray.


Ma*Yo hair

Ma*Yo hair

There’s a new hair shop in town called Salon de Ma*Yo. Sadly the styles are all long hair and updos, so not really me, but they’re beautifully made and textured and they’re very inexpensive. This hair was an XStreet freebie and there’s another opening gift in the store — both are really nice pieces. There ya go: don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

Skin: League
Hair: Exile
Shirt: Ohmai
Trousers: Adjunct
Suspenders: Meriken Co.
Boots: Clematis
Tools: TLPYL (made by me)
Poses: Del May,


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