Playing dress-up

Okay, I hesitated to even blog this because the look is so close to the one Milla Michinaga did here just a couple days ago, but y’know what, screw it, I had so much fun looking completely not like myself with the skin and the hair and OH MY GOD THE SHOES that the similar dress is kind of an afterthought (but seriously, it’s awesome so go buy it).

Holy crap, blonde!

So we’ll get the dress out of the way first. It’s from Ruxy and it’s awesome, and I really meant to put it over jeans and a tank so it’d be a totally different look (see below!), but then I tried on the skin and the outfit just went a different direction. It’d work really well with jeans and a tank. I just got a little possessed last night.

And what’d I get possessed by?

Kalnins Wonder

Yeah. Kalnins has a new amazing shoe out on its half-price board. I wasn’t really taken with the last pair, the strappy Yolandas everybody bought — they were awesome and all, but so not me. These are way more versatile, I think, and oh man, the options for color change. You can change alternating bands of leather; the soles; the metal rings; and of course the toenail color and the skin (and the skin has the simplest color-matching system I’ve ever seen on prim-foot shoes). I fucking love them, and I am not really a big shoe freak. I’m not!

The one downside: for those still using Viewer 1.0 viewers, the Kalnins invisiprim is unbelievably huge. There’s no real excuse for that. I have a friend who still won’t buy Kalnins because she took a look at the invisiprim and figured if they were sloppy on that, they were probably sloppy in other areas and she didn’t want to pay hundreds of Lindens to find out.

Still blonde

The other thing that had me carried away with this look was the Dekade skin from TDR Blue this week. I tried it on while I was putting together this look, and really, I meant to go casual with this look! But then I put on this skin, and with its swept-back blond hairbase, it screamed out for this hair from lamb…and suddenly I was ultra-glam. That’s how it goes sometimes, I guess!

Skin: Dekade
Hair: lamb
Dress: Ruxy
Bustier: Whippet & Buck
Belt: Coco
Shoes: Kalnins
Poses: LAP & marukin

Edit: see, here’s what I’d meant the outfit to look like before I got carried away!
Shirt in green

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