Sale at Armidi — WUT.

Okay, I really should be in bed asleep, but I am posting really fast because omg you guys 50% off sale at Armidi. Armidi doesn’t do sales! What is happening, you guys! Is it the end of the world? I do not know, but it is surely the end of my Linden balance! Do not even ask how much I spent (more than I should have!)

Armidi sale!

Here’s the scoop. You know how any time an awesome store has a sale, it’s totally crowded and lagtastic and everyone is miserable? Don’t bother. Armidi’s insanely awesome web-based store has all its sale prices online. I KNOW. Go do your shopping on the web?? It’s like 1997 all over again, plus awesome. P.S.: I tried it, it works. Too well. Expect to see me in lots and lots of Armidi for a while. I know: not that briar patch.

tie adjust

Seriously, like I need to tell you about Armidi’s quality. Look at this stuff. Beautiful texture work, easy resizing, and oh god, the convenience of that web store. Love it.

Okay. Going to bed now. Night.

Skin: League
Hair: Uncle Web Studios
Tie: Action Surf & Skate
Watch: GBTM
Shoes: Kalnins
Poses: don’t freak out / Striking Poses / MNK*Shop
Everything else: Armidi

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