Pogue in leather

I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my friend Pogue, who is supposed to be part of this blog, but is impossible to pin down for photo-ing. But I finally stalked her, paparazzi-style, and caught her!


Pogue is wearing not frikkin’ much — er, I mean, a sexy little outfit from Glam Affair. It’s from The Dressing Room, and is really hot. Along with it, she’s wearing Prestige boots from Bax, which really, everyone on SL should recognize on sight: they’re ubiquitous, but that’s because they’re so beautifully made. Over it, the Rollup Riders jacket from AOHARU. Man, I love AOHARU jackets.


Skin: LAQ
Hair: fri.day
Outfit: Glam Affair
Jacket: AOHARU
Boots: Bax
Poses: Glitterati


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