Fire and fog

Two looks, because one is new stuff and one is old stuff. Sort of old stuff. Mostly old stuff. What, it’s late, bear with me.

New stuff first!

dances on the sand

Dances on the sand

The Albero Gatcha Festival 2 is on. Dude, there are a ton of cute things out there all for the gatcha-ing. I swear I am not a gatcha addict, but if Albero keeps doing this stuff, I’m gonna become one. Anyway, this awesome dress is Scribble’s offering, and it comes with a snillion attachments so you can wear it as a short little babydoll or a long salsarific hottie dress. Seriously, for like L$45. Why do you not already own this? Go!

Oh. Also Mikan has a new hair. I am not really showing it off well in this picture, but given how constantly I wear the Gille hair, it’s a safe bet that you’ll see this one again. It’s really very me. Natsumikan Checchinato does some awesome work.


The fog

Something about this outfit called for sneaking through the fog in an abandoned cityscape. It’s mostly old-ish stuff — the cardigan from artilleri is new, from the Car Wash cart sale (def. worth checking out). The hair’s from Argrace, which really makes the best hat-hair out there — other places are catching up, but Argrace delivers the best quality for the cost. Also, I really like these shorts from Pig. Pig keeps doing interesting stuff with good quality hand-painted clothes.

The fog2

First look:
Skin: League
Hair: Mikan
Dress: Scribble (from Albero Gatcha Festival)
Jewelry: Mashooka
Sunglasses: Kream
Feet: Slink
Pose: /Geez/

Second look:
Skin: League
Hat / Hair: Argrace
Tank: Ohmai
Cardigan: artilleri (from Car Wash)
Shorts: Pig
Socks: magi take
Shoes: Vive9
Poses: Del May

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