It’s time for another trip to the Dressing Room. Dear Dressing Room originators: great idea. Love it. My wallet curses you. The worst thing about the Dressing Room is that I keep seeing awesome stuff in there, and then popping over to the stores in question and shopping for more. It’s almost as if they planned for that to happen.

The downside is that when I buy something that makes me feel like I wasted money, even the small amount of money TDR charges, it tends to drive me away from that store. Buckle up!

Zee goggles!

I’ve shopped at Casa CheerNo since it was a.C Store, so I do know the product line here. But it was still very frustrating to buy this really awesome mohawk with beautifully sculpted goggles and find that the entire thing was sized for a male head (not surprising) and made so that I couldn’t scale it down to fit my head. There is no resize script. I was able to edit individual prims, but it really resulted in the elegantly-made goggles looking far less elegantly-made and well put together, and they still stuck out from my head (as you can see above).

I’m calling Vitor Algoma (and CheerNo Destiny, because his hairs have the same problem) out on this for two reasons: one, because the really awesome hat sold at the Dressing Room two weeks ago had the same resize/scaling problem (but because it was a floppy hat with lots of hair, it didn’t really matter and I still loved it); and two, because Casa CheerNo should be better than this. There’s no reason these hairs shouldn’t have more flexibility in resize. Yes, I get that it’s a shop for men. The ability to size down for smaller heads should still be an option.


That said, I am having loads of fun with my Dressing Room spoils. aida Ewing is still putting out gorgeous skins for ludicrously low prices and I’m having fun with them — she’s moved off her Sofia line onto a new one, very glamorous. I really like the necklace from [glow]; the rococo curls work really well in contrast with my casual look. The absolute star here, though, are these poses from DARE. I’ve got a bunch of poses from there, but these just knock my socks off. I am definitely going to have to shop there more.

The rest of my outfit is just fun: this tweed corset from So Many Styles is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I have it in several colors, and it works for dressy or, obviously, rough-and-tumble. My shorts are from magi take, and are pretty damn good-looking for being only L$10, I think! Socks from Pig are under my good old Abyss boots.

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Casa CheerNo
Corset: So Many Styles
Shorts: magi take
Boots: TheAbyss
Necklace: [glow] studio
Wrist wraps: Sinistyle
Socks: Pig
Poses: DARE


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