Pixel boobies oh noes

This outfit actually started out as me looking for something girly to wear.

It didn’t quite end up the way it started.

Dressed up in tweed

Dressed up in tweed

I was at MNK*Shop, window-shopping. That’s pretty much all I do there, because I love their work like crazy, but it’s so, so, so pretty. As in, not really my style. So I buy their poses and window-shop a lot. But today I saw these shorts, and I was like: OH YES. MINE. They’re gorgeously textured and they come in two lengths, this one and a longer length.

So I meant to put them with something else, but…that didn’t happen. Instead, I grabbed one of my floppy Mr.Poet shirts (seriously, does anybody make better unbuttoned shirts than Mr.Poet? Please tell me, because I have never seen one), and a tie from Action, and thumbed through my inventory looking for a shirt to wear under it. And then I thought: no. This is perfect.

I am also wearing one of the semi-newish hairs from Gritty Kitty. Noam Sprocket is using new textures on his hairs now, and whereas his hairs were always awesome, now they are brilliant. He’s just got a fantastic eye for unisex hair and I love it. Even better: they’re all reasonably priced, so you can go apeshit buying tons of hair without breaking the bank. Not that I’m speaking from experience. … (shifty-eyes)

With a wink

Skin: League
Hair: Gritty Kitty
Shirt: Mr.Poet
Shorts: MNK*Shop
Socks: Pig
Boots: Coco
Tie: Action
Cigarette: N326
Glasses: hoorenbeek
Poses: hate me and eat me; Emjay

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