Counting to five

I have no pictures right now. I’m at work, and busy as hell. I logged in briefly to see if I could find a shirt to wear for this, but I couldn’t find what I wanted quickly, so this entry is just words.

Vaughn Walker just issued his decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Prop 8, the same-sex marriage ban in California, has been overturned on both Due Process and Equal Protection grounds. This is not a surprise to anyone who is passingly familiar with the US Constitution, but it’s still a fucking glorious day.

The pro-H8 crowd is appealing to the Ninth Circuit. Because, you know, the Ninth isn’t known for being wildly liberal or anything (oh wait, yes it is). When they lose that appeal, and they will, they’ll appeal to the Supreme Court. That’s when things get interesting.

And that’s why I’m counting to five.

To win a case at the Supreme Court, all you have to do is count to five. There are nine Justices — you need five. There are five conservative Justices and four liberal Justices, so you’d think that bodes ill, and I’m sure that’s what the H8ers are thinking. But I remember who wrote Lawrence v. Texas. I remember who created a fundamental right to respect in intimate relationships. I remember who opened the floodgates to the current gay rights movement. I am counting to five.

We’ve got Justice Kennedy. Bring it.

I swear I’ll get back to pixel-clothes tomorrow.


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