Shadows in the rain

I took these a few days ago, but I didn’t have time to write a blog post. I’m still trying to find the happy medium in time-balancing.

Anyway — for a while now, I’ve wanted to take some pictures in trench coats and umbrellas with the new mime skins from The Attic on. I just had to drag Blue Hoisan over to pose with me, and we had a ton of fun with it.


Blue and I are both wearing skins from The Attic (Blue’s store). We’re also both wearing hosiery and gloves from Sheer, which offers a very wide selection of stockings, full hose, gloves, and other assorted items — you can’t see it in the pictures, but they get the Cuban heels right and they’ve got great details like little wrinkles at the backs of the knees. Nice.

My trench coat is from Armidi, and although the big Final sale is over there, there’s interesting stuff going on with the new Warehouse group. Keep an eye on it. My boots are from Gos, blogged before but they worked really well with this look. I’m also wearing hair from booN and a necklace from Ha! that’s currently at The Dressing Room Blue. I love this necklace and you’ll see it here again, I’m sure.

At rest

Blue is wearing a truly exceptional coat from DeLa, and as soon as she started playing around with it I became very jealous and had to go get one too. This coat has a ton of different options and looks: with or without the long skirt underneath; with or without the puffy sleeves; with long or short sleeves. Buy two different colors and you can even mix and match the skirt with the rest of the coat. The texturing is gorgeous.

Her shoes are from LeLutka, and her hair is from Mirone, and my pictures don’t do it justice — they have some really nice hair.

Once upon a time

Blue’s umbrella is from NODe, and mine came with this really fantastic lamppost from LISP. I’m having so much fun with this lamppost — it provided all the poses for these pictures.

On me:

Skin: The Attic
Hair: booN
Coat: Armidi
Boots: Gos
Gloves / Stockings: Sheer
Necklace: Ha! (for TDR Blue)
Umbrella: LISP

On Blue:
Skin: The Attic
Hair: Mirone
Coat: DeLa
Shoes: LeLutka
Gloves / Stockings: Sheer
Umbrella: NODe

Poses: LISP


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