Crescendo Village Cupcake Hunt

I don’t think I ever mentioned that I have a store. Did I ever mention I have a store? I have a store. Obnoxiousness aside, it is in Crescendo Village, which is a little spot for showcasing awesome new home & garden designers (and also me).

Anyway. Crescendo Village is having a little hunt (and I do mean little, because seriously, it’s a small village). It only lasts from today until September 5, and you’re looking for pink cupcakes. Inside are goodies from stores like Designer Prims, Urbanized, Karbon, and The Last Place You Look. WHAT, shameless self-promotion’s the only promotion I can get!

Shabby Console Ad

This is my hunt prize — a console table with some stuff on it. I’ve already seen the very nice things my fellow villagers are giving out, and they’re awesome. I’d take pictures, but srsly, guys, there are less shops than I have fingers, so it doesn’t take long. Get your hunt on.


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