One more, real fast.


I should be asleep already, and I have already done a whole blog post tonight. BUT. Just as I was heading to bed I popped over to Mr.Poet and LOOK, you guys, they have this awesome coat and vest and pleated poet shirt. The sculpting on it is absurd — you may not be able to see in this image, but the collar even has tiny hook and eye closures. Gorgeous. And you can even wear the shirt and vest hems together, while wearing the coat. Love it.

It is an unholy bitch to resize for a woman’s body. It is worth it. This entire set is L$200, and you’d pay five times that for lesser work at certain other stores.


Coat etc: Mr.Poet


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  1. Harper Beresford says:

    OMG that IS awesome. And looks great on you and me want. Dang!

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