Baby it’s cold outside

Cold outside

I love this time of year. The trees have just shed their leaves and stand as skeletons against the sky, and the air is sharp and clean and smells of cold. Whether the weather is rain or snow or just fresh chilly wind, it’s like the world has brought its fun toys out to play.

On SL, it’s time for coats and gloves and boots. Boots! cocoro Lemon has new boooooots you guys. Look at these awesome things. Okay, bare toes in the snow, yes, cold, but what the hell, if I have on fingerless gloves I can probably handle toe-less boots, right? …Maybe not. Who cares, they’re awesome and I love them. Two notes of warning: they are for viewer 2 only, and they attach to the lower leg attachment points, not to the feet (I totally went nuts with editing to make these pictures work with the leg sculpties; those won’t work in normal wear).

And coats! Trish Blanco of KiiToS has made new coats for the season. As with all of his stuff, the sculpting is frikking amazing and the texture work is gorgeous. Here’s the cool part, though: Trish has put out a free coat in grey tweed for update group members. Join the group, pop over to the shop, grab your free coat. Not too shabby.

Have a horny Xmas!

As a side note, my sexy friends and I got together and took our holiday picture today. It was pure awesomesauce. Have a happy holiday, all!

Hair: Tiny Bird
Coat: KiiToS
Shirt: League
Shorts / Leggings: KiiToS
Boots: Coco
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


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