A touch of law again

In honor of yesterday’s Ninth Circuit hearings in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, today we are going to court. Sadly, I appear to have missed my train; therefore, I did not make it to court in time to blog on the day that the actual hearings were held. However, I look good anyway, and in some circuits, that’s all that matters.

I have blogged the Armidi jacket before, so y’know, go find that post. Not much has changed. However! I am going to advocate passionately for Schadenfreude’s new-ish Oxford shirt and ties (okay, they’re a few months old, but they’re still new-ish, shut up). Not only are they absolutely beautifully hand-drawn, with every seam, tab, button, line, and wrinkle painstakingly painted in, but Allegory Malaprop has put together a frikking brilliant system. First: you don’t have to buy the fatpack, but if you do, you get a snillion shirts and a HUD to change the collar and cuff prims. So…instead of having five zillion inventory items, you have just a few and you can match them to what you’re wearing. Oh my god, Allegory, thank you for being awesome.

Schadenfreude shirt

OH and I submit to the court that it gets better. Because the ties, which are clever and creative and gorgeous, with little elephants and bats and leafless trees instead of boring stripes and solids, come A) in two attachment points, both chest and spine; and B) both attached to a collar and without, so you can wear them alone/with a non-Schadenfreude shirt or with the shirt. AND each tie comes with the HUD, so you can tint the collar to the shirt. Therefore the Schadenfreude shirts are absolutely awesome. I rest my case.

My trousers are from Whippet & Buck, which actually does make a few men’s / unisex clothes, and they’re nicely textured and work well with my Armidi jacket. And my shoes are from Coco — as I may have mentioned before, cocoro Lemon has put a ton of stuff up in an outlet area, including some suits and shoes. Great place to go stock up on good stuff for cheap.

Oh yes, and the bag. I’ve wanted to showcase bags from DCCXXIII for a while, and just never had the excuse. natu Ellils makes stunning items, both watches and bags.

Okay, Second Life stuff taken care of — I did watch the Ninth Circuit oral arguments yesterday. Here’s how much of a geek I am: I had an exam yesterday morning, so I TiVo’d CSPAN. It was worth it. Understand: in 2000, when the future of this country’s presidency was going up to the Supreme Court, Al Gore asked David Boies to argue his case for him. George Bush asked Ted Olson. Olson and Boies are two of the sharpest constitutional litigators in the country. They’re both arguing to overturn Prop 8. Watching them argue standing — whether or not somebody has a right to bring a lawsuit in the first place — and the civil rights issues of discrimination was pretty cool.

No matter which way the Ninth Circuit decides, it’s going to the Supreme Court. This is fun to watch.

Hair: UncleWeb Studios
Shirt & Tie: Schadenfreude
Jacket: Armidi
Trousers: Whippet & Buck
Belt: hoorenbeek
Shoes: Coco
Glasses: Muism
Pose: apogee

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  1. Kaseido says:

    OK, I did my drooling on your Flickr, so – that two-tone hair is *awesome* – don’t lose that look! And, overall, just a great guide to quality professional clothes in SL, always needed.

    • Vaki says:

      Haha, you haven’t seen that hair? I blogged it before, which is why I didn’t mention it — it’s Gritty Kitty. I will try to do more professional stuff, then!

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