We call our ships to port

This is one of those less-than-original looks, and I don’t care. I saw this on the SLipsters’ blog and dammit, military clothes are usually so badly done in SL…and I love them. I popped over and made it mine. There are three versions: a black shirt, a white shirt, and a red shirt — seriously, the red is just gorgeous. The box warns that it is for men only. It’s not really kidding: the sculpted prims are not only sized for men, they’re adjusted for flat chests and broad shoulders. This is fine, though, because everything is modify-OK, and if you’re patient enough to adjust linked parts, the end result is god damn gorgeous.

Seriously, the detail work in this uniform is stunning. The satiny finish of the uniform texture, the epaulet details and flaps over the breast pockets, even down to the highlighting of pleated folds and a scrolled armband on the left arm, reading “Concussio ut totus obviam Manus manus.” Either I’ve lost a whole lot of my Latin, or that doesn’t mean what the suit designer thinks it means — I’m not even going to loosely translate it, because I know what the words mean but they don’t make sense together. Maybe it’s like white boys getting kanji tattoos without knowing any Japanese. Still, it looks pretty cool.

I really did try to put the uniform with other boots. I tried it on with, like, four other pairs of high boots (and it really calls for high boots). It’s almost as if it was made with the Kboots in mind, so that’s where I eventually fell back to. (It also looks fine with the Lightstar buckled boots; however, those just don’t have as much of a military feel as the uniform calls for; I imagine their plain leather boots would work fine, but I don’t own those.)

To finish off, YV’s Vivien gloves and CheerNo’s Survivor hair, both of which I’ve blogged before.

Hair: CheerNo
Uniform: Defectiva
Boots: Treads
Gloves: YV
Glasses: Muism (this should probably go unsaid at this point)
Poses: Poser Alert, Ks2cool

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2 Responses to We call our ships to port

  1. Kaseido says:

    The blousing on those pants is phenomenal – great find!

    And… excellent title! 😀

    • Vaki says:

      The entire set really is excellent if you go for the whole uniform look (and I kinda think it’s hot as fuck and so rare to find done well in SL).

      I love that song. It was playing on my ipod when I was trying to figure out where to take my pictures.

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