Out for breakfast

This morning, in that other world, I went to my favorite breakfast spot. It’s this brilliant little soda fountain that’s been open since 1918, in a sort of alterno-artsy area of the city. Hipsters on fixies, cute dyke couples, starving artists, punks, and trendy little families all come to eat really awesome breakfast noms, and god, I love it. I always eat too much veggie chorizo-and-eggs and drink loads of very strong coffee, and I spend a lot of time happily people-watching.

Today, I was looking around at the women hanging out on the street corner as we waited for a table, and most of us were dressed pretty similarly against the chilly light rain: warm but casual black jackets, skinny jeans or loose pants, knit beanies. I wanted to re-create that look and blog it.

My jacket is by …Scars…, and very good. Modifiable, comes with three different jacket bottom styles…but I have had to do a lot of adjusting to get the front pockets to fit right. That’s fine…it’s worthwhile for a good jacket.

I didn’t wear skinny jeans. I could’ve, but the houndstooth pants from Amerie just worked with the outfit, so I stuck with that. There will be skinny jeans another day. With the pants I’m wearing my good old LightStar buckled boots, since they got no love a few posts ago, and they’re so good for the cold weather.

My beanie in the first picture is from +grasp+, but I realized it’s from an old hunt and +grasp+ doesn’t actually sell it. So I switched to this beanie, below, from Argrace…which I really like, but it’s no copy, which annoys the crap out of me. Which leads me to the following rant.

I am also wearing a necklace from Gabriel that I mostly love. Though sized for men, it’s script-resize and scales down perfectly for me. It comes in this style and with a longer chain (which I prefer, but didn’t work with the jacket). This necklace is really fantastic. But it’s no-copy! WTF, Takuya Jinn, and rika Oyen of Argrace, and everyone else who does this! Seriously. There is NO EXCUSE for making scripted items no-copy, people. I should be able to make a back-up copy before adjusting it, and I should then delete the item’s scripts. Then, if I ever change my shape, I’d like to still be able to wear my items. Yes, I know I can just put a resize script back in it, but I still don’t like it. If the item’s no-copy, the result is that I have to leave the script in.

Rant over.

Hat and Hair: +grasp+ / Argrace
Jacket: …Scars…
Shirt: TonkTastic
Trousers: Amerie
Boots: LightStar
Necklace: Gabriel
Poses: hmaem

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