I know a shortcut

I wanted so badly to love these shorts. God, they’re hot, with a good leather texture and really, really cool detailing, like little keys attached to the chain that goes to a wallet peeking out the back pocket, and oh-my-god brass knuckles. The pants layer is even designed to suggest a shadow under the cuffs and waistband rather than just acting as a regular clothes texture. I wanted to love them, UnknownSoldier Maximus.

But they are no-modify, and while the resize script is clever in that it allows you to resize all of the attachments with a single touch, it loses a lot in the resizing. The pelvis piece ends up with weird bits that stick out, which I could probably size down if it was mod. They might fit a guy. They don’t fit me, and it saddens me a lot, because god, they’re cool-looking.

Still, I have adjusted as well as I could and taken pictures, because how can you not love the brass knuckles.

In other news, I think I will probably end up owning every one of chiaki xue’s hairs. Well, okay. Not the girly ones. But damn, I love Dura hair. It’s just fun. This one’s more or less new and is really, really good.

I’d be more creative but it is 5 am where I am right now. I should sleep. Good night, boys and squirrels!

Hair: Dura
Shirt: deviant girls
Shorts: BC322
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: hoorenbeek
Necklace: Gabriel
Poses: LAP

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