Jammies are a girl’s best friend

I know New Years is right around the corner, but you know what, after all the craziness of Christmas, I just want a few days to hang out in my jammies. I want to sit on the couch in my jammies. I want to eat dinner in my jammies. Dammit, I want to go out to seedy nightclubs in my jammies. Don’t you?

Right, then. Out on the town with my buddy Dan in our jammies. There’s loads of pyjama options in SL, but nobody makes awesome cheesetastic jammies like Intrigue does, with big mittens and butt flaps (I’m not wearing mine, because dammit, I am a kickass pink fluffy bunny) and matching slippers. The textures are truly great — they look soft and fuzzy — and everything about them is just a little cartoonish.

Actually, the thing I like most about these jammies is that they don’t cross the line into Furry. Given that this is SL, it would be very easy to edge into anthropomorphic territory…and these don’t. They’re just pyjamas, and very awesome ones at that.

Jammies (on both of us): Intrigue Co.
Bullet vest: DIRAM
Belt: Cobrahive
Poses: Milty, B&F

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