Did you forget to take your meds?

I was alone, falling free
Trying my best not to forget

Sometimes we just need to let sanity take a vacation. It’s just not to be helped. Wrap up all snug and safe and sound in a cozy jacket and go somewhere nice and quiet to relax. Because you just can’t trust your hands on their own, you know? Because they just have a mind of their own, and they wander.

and the sex and the drugs and the complications

Hair: Burning Chrome
Shaved Head: 99 Elephants
Straitjacket: gilded (from the Serial Killer Hunt)
Boxers: Vitamen
Boots: hoorenbeek
Tattoo: Para Designs
Eye Punch: Glamorize
Poses: Del May

About Vaki

Seriously, Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is a masterpiece of modern cinema. What? It has Deborah Gibson in it. And there's this one scene where...what? Oh, like there's something better than a mega shark leaping out of the ocean and biting a plane in half. Whatever.
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  1. Kaseido says:

    ….I thought I’d unwrapped everything under the tree….

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