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I have never been able to get shadows to work on this laptop. Neither the SL Viewer nor Imprudence would work for me, no matter how much I banged at them. So tonight I finally downloaded Kirsten’s Viewer and started playing with that. And, after some coaxing, I finally made shadows work — hooray!

…And then I started taking photos. The photos either completely didn’t show the shadows, leaving me very poorly lit, or worse: left me with big blocks of shadow all over the picture. Neither were representative of what the viewer was actually showing. Made me crazy. So this is actually a screenshot, not a proper SL photo, and is not high-res. I feel so noobtastic.

In other news — the Castalia skin from Glam Affair that’s just hit The Dressing Room is so not my style…but god, I wish it was. If I went in for the model-esque, flawless, beautiful sorts of skins, I would be all over a skin like this. Love the heavily blackened eyes, and the Castalia skin is unusual among Glam Affair skins in that it isn’t overly delicate. Really nice.

Also, I’ve had this belt from NC+ for a good while, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it. I love their belts, and this one has accessories like a chain and a cap hanging off the back that you can retexture or simply turn off with a click. So nice.

Skin: Glam Affair (Castalia for TDR)
Hair: Urban December
Hairbase: AITUI
Shirt: nova
Jeans: Primitive Design
Boots: hoorenbeek
Belt: NC+
Cuff: Blitzed
Pose: Del May

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