Le Gnubie Store Est Mort…

Gnubie Store

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine joined SL and wanted my help in creating her avatar. Of course, the first place I went was the Gnubie Store, which has always been the greatest place to get high-quality free items from a wide range of SL’s best designers. I knew it was still there — I’d just been there in December, and they’d just added new designers like Magika and Imagen Skins.

So I teleported over to Powder Mill. And there was nothing there.

I did a search for “Gnubie Store.” At the time, it was still right there in search — I teleported. And there was nothing there.

I checked blogs. I checked plurk. I checked friends. No one knew anything. And then, a couple days ago, Ingrid Ingersoll updated the Second Life wiki entry for the Gnubie Store to say that it was closed.

Gnubie Store

The Gnubie Store has been around longer than you. No, I don’t want to hear it: you have not been on SL longer than the Gnubie Store. It was there waiting for you when you crawled out of whatever Orientation Island hellhole you started in, and it gave you gifts that weren’t total crap and asked nothing in return. It remained relevant as it added new designers, and offered free textures once you learned how to build, or skyboxes and furniture once you had a place to call home.

It has moved a few times in the past, but I don’t think it’s ever officially closed before. If this is truly the end of the Gnubie Store, it deserves more than an incidental observation. It deserves a riotous salute for eight years of generous giving; for introducing our noob selves to designers like Four Yip, Bryce Tully, and Antonia Marat; and for showing that “free” is not a curse word in Second Life.

Jai Nomad, Ingrid Ingersoll, and all the amazing designers who participated in the Gnubie Store over the years: thank you so much. The store will be missed terribly.

Gnubie Store

In honor of the Gnubie Store, I broke out my “noob” alt and decked him out in Gnubie Store wear (except for the pants…I don’t have Gnubie Store pants). I’d’ve done it on Vaki but Lane’s got more stuff from there.

Skin: Imagen Skins from the Gnubie Store
Hair: Gritty Kitty from the Gnubie Store
Shirt: Elate from the Gnubie Store
Jeans: Tres Beau from KMADD
Shoes: Truth from the Gnubie Store

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