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Connors released their new baggy Painters pants yesterday. I’ve been waiting for these babies since I saw them on Tact Arida’s blog on Saturday, and they are just as awesome on me. Easily mod (the belt piece is script-mod), they hang really well on both men and women and didn’t really need much tweaking. Nice, nice, nice. I will probably go back for other colors.

I have been wearing a lot of Urban December hair in my last few photos (and for just walking around, actually). It’s a new store with some promise — I like the way a lot of the hairs are meant to work with hairbases, and combine sculpts and flexis well. That just makes sense now that we’ve got alphas and the ability to stack them: may as well design hair to work with the greater capability of the viewer. Kimbo Reitman’s hair isn’t perfect, but it’s a great start and will certainly get better the more of it he makes.

…I almost made it through a whole post without mentioning the Seasons Hunt. Go do the Seasons Hunt. There are awesome prizes and the hunt’s actually a lot of fun. There’s even stuff for guys, which is amazing.

Hair: Urban December
Hairbase: Aitui
Shirt: Action Surf & Skate
Pants: Connors
Glasses: Alphavillian (for the Seasons Hunt)
Feet: SLink
Tattoo: Para Designs

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