I never wished to be saved

To my little grave

While everyone else in SL is blogging the new Gos boots, I’m gonna get all roughed up and have fun. I’m going to blog new stuff soon — except my pants, which are from Villena and I’m not wearing the awesome sculpted bits that makes them interesting, I’m pretty much wearing a lot of old stuff. With one exception…


The exception is my hair base, which comes from Arcavim. Drack Diesel from Arcavim was always known for amazing steampunk gear, but he’s closed his zeppelin and gone a new direction of late: tattoos, boots, and hairbases. They’re really, really good, and I promise to blog them more in depth tomorrow when I’m not running late.

For now, though…just this.

Skin: Mother Goose’s (from a lucky board)
Hair: MADesigns (very modded)
Hairbase: Arcavim
Top: League
Pants: Villena
Boots: LightStar
Belt: NC+
Wrist wraps: SiniStyle
Cuff: Blitzed
Shoulder Armor: LouLou&Co
Poses: Del May

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