In my last post, I mentioned I would be talking at greater length about Arcavim’s tattoos and hairbases later. And then I started taking pictures and got carried away. Promise there’s a clear picture at the bottom that actually shows the tattoos and hairbase, but I was having fun.

Now — as I mentioned in my last post, Drack Diesel has always been known for his steampunk gear. He’s now doing tattoos, boots, and hairbases. No shop in SL right now (well, technically he’s got his stuff for sale at KMADD, but that’s not his shop): everything’s only available in the Marketplace. He’s doing some interesting things with greyscale in his tattoos: you can see, below, the way the feathers lie with black on white in a way that a real tattoo wouldn’t (but a virtual tattoo can, and looks cool). The set comes with options, so you don’t have to wear the facial tattoo if you don’t want to.

I am also wearing wings by Neelah Xue, also only available on the Marketplace. I normally don’t do wings, but these are just cool.


Hair: CheerNo
Hairbase: Arcavim
Tattoo: Arcavim
Armbands / Gauntlets: Wasabi Pills
Wings: Neelah Xue
Sword: Boxed Heroes (part of a set)
Feet: SLink
Poses: Lost World

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2 Responses to Triumphant

  1. Neelah Xue says:

    Fucking awsome! Im glad you like my wings mate. THe pics came out great!

    • Vaki says:

      Oh, man, thank you for commenting! It only occurred to me as I was editing the pictures that I didn’t have the wings expanded properly — I kept crashing while I was doing these, and somewhere along the way the wings closed and I didn’t notice. Your comment has reminded me: I’ll have to get them out and make new pictures with them, because I really do love these wings.

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