Anglers and androids

I have been uninspired, lately, by winter clothes. Where I live it has been unseasonably warm, and I have been out in the sun in light clothes, enjoying the early spring. It’s not easy to come back to my second world and load up on sweaters and scarves. But earlier this week, hiwinyu Fazuku of Mr.Poet released yet another absolutely stunning coat set, and it got me right back in the mood for a virtual winter. This one comes with a turtleneck and scarf, but the coat by itself is so beautifully sculpted and textured that I wanted to let it shine. It’s designed with cape-style epaulets, but it also comes with a version that doesn’t have the shoulder-capes if you’d rather have a simpler coat, and its scarf is long and well-draped.

Of course, since it’s intended for men, it takes some resizing for a woman’s shape to wear it. I found that adding a resize script helped, but I still had to do some tweaking over breasts and hips…and I have very small breasts and hips. A curvier shape might find it more difficult. On the upside, the coat (both versions), turtleneck, and scarf set are only L$300, so it’s a fantastic value.

Hair: Sadistic Hacker
Coat: Mr.Poet
Shirt: Whippet & Buck
Trousers: Young Urban (tinted)
Boots: Gos
Necklace: Oh! Studio
Poses: Diesel Works

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