MISSING: Creamshop / Rainytown

I know I just posted a blog post, like, less than an hour ago. But in-world chatter has brought something absolutely awful to my attention:

Creamshop / Rainytown isn’t there anymore.

I went to the place where it should be, and it’s now a sort of Gorean-looking sim with a million lucky boards. The Creamshop blog hasn’t been updated since 2009, so no luck there. Sazae Yoshikawa’s profile still has loads of links to Creamshop, but they all go to this new Gorean sim. I joined the Creamshop group — there are no new notices. I googled for the latest information about Creamshop — nothing to tell me what’s happened.


Anyone know what’s happened to Creamshop / Rainytown?


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