Now we’re too late for Heaven

Sometimes it’s the little things. It’s no secret that I am partial to Para Designs’ tattoos — this is because Para actually gets the fade right, and I don’t like looking like someone’s just drawn on my skin with a Sharpie. But I stumbled across this tattoo from kobilica the other day, and it’s really beautiful. A nice grey. I hope to see more of this sort of work from Elephant Mammoth. Plus she’s also got a gorgeous back tattoo of the Unknown Pleasures album cover. What. I like it. I’m gonna wear it in pictures soon. But not today, because today I am rocking this sweater from Sleepy Eddy.

It’s a good sweater. It looks comfy. I like the tank under it — it’s on separate layers, so you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to. Easily modifiable, which is good because it took some tweaking for hips and butt. The textures are nicely done.

Also, I know everyone and their pet dog Spot has these pants from TokiDoki. I don’t care; they’re fantastic and I have three or four pairs. Seriously, dude, they’re something like L$50 and they’re brilliant. Not only are they in awesome textures, but the cuffs are buttoned at the roll. Love it.

Hairbase: PXL again
Sweater: Sleepy Eddy by Metro Moonwall
Trousers: TokiDoki by Maya Levane
Boots: Gos by Gospel Voom
Tattoo: kobilica by Elephant Mammoth
Poses: Del May by Del May


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