Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon

You just can’t dress some people up — polish ’em up, pull out the sharpest tux and the poshest finery, and they’re still slinking into alleyways to steal a smoke and a snog. What can I say?

I actually was all prepared to write a proper blah blah blah blog post today. But this morning, the Department of Justice issued a letter to Congress announcing that the Attorney General and President Obama have decided that the Defense of Marriage Act is flat-out unconstitutional, and they simply cannot defend its constitutionality any longer. Sorry! And here in the Ninth Circuit, the lawyers are filing paperwork to vacate the stay that’s currently barring same-sex marriage in California. It has been a tremendous day. I can’t ramble on about pixel clothes when I want to talk about civil rights, and that’s not why people come here.

So go look at some pictures instead!


On Vaki:
Hair: Black Maria
Hairbase: PXL by Hart Larsson
Shirt, Tie, Trousers: Coco by cocoro Lemon
Boots: [0N] by Mai Runo
Coat: Sweetest Goodbye by Morphine Janick
Cigarette: N326

On Ismene:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Dress: R.icielli
Shoes: G. Field

Poses: Del May by Del May; oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov

About Vaki

Seriously, Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is a masterpiece of modern cinema. What? It has Deborah Gibson in it. And there's this one scene where...what? Oh, like there's something better than a mega shark leaping out of the ocean and biting a plane in half. Whatever.
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  1. Kaseido says:

    *Cheers for justice, the lucky lady, and the terrific outfit*

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