Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser started today. It’s really quite impressive — for such an impromptu event, it’s really massive and the number of donors is enormous. Some of the donors who participated put out some really fantastic items, and all in all it was a very nice event. I’m really grateful to the organizers and to the donors who participated — I hope the event is very successful and raises a lot of money for those affected by the recent disasters in Japan.

Other than my skin (which is, as usual, League), my hairbase (PXL), and my boots (Gos), everything I am wearing / using came from the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. Both PXL and Gos were donors at the event, but weren’t selling anything I’d really wear…and, well, I don’t have an excuse for sticking with my usual skin except it’s my skin, so bite me. Anyway, this jacket/shirt combination from INDI Designs is awesome. I’d seen it around before, but hesitated…I shouldn’t have hesitated. It looks brilliant on. The bottom piece does look a little weird on a woman’s figure, even mine (and my hips are slim); it’d definitely look weird on a curvier girl without some modification. But you can wear it without that piece, and the collar is easily adjustable (script resize and mod).

These jeans are from Somapop, and you can’t see it, but they have awesome little rising sun trim on the pockets. The mohawk I’m wearing is from *TRC* by Aine Auer, and looking at Aine’s picks, I’m guessing that stands for Timeless Rose Creations. There’s nothing in the folder to clue me in. It’s a little static, but I like it — it narrows to a thin ponytail in the back, with some nice detailing. I always like a good mohawk. Lastly, my poses are from Di’s Opera, and are some of the best poses I’ve ever seen come out of there. Good angles.

Now for the minor criticism, much as I hate to criticize a charitable effort like this: not everyone in Second Life wears high heels and frilly dresses. Seriously, other than T-shirts (and there were plenty of t-shirts), there was a pretty notable paucity of options for men or those who prefer masculine attire. Ispachi and CheerNo were there offering some very nice skins, and Rock Candy and Pocket Mirrors offered some men’s hair. Bare Rose offered a gorgeous men’s “Earl Midnight” costume. Cilian’gel put out some argyle sweaters, Pekas had some sort of rock star costume, and Crayon Design had a men’s outfit with a jacket. Of course, there were quite a lot of tattoos, which was nice, but…I would have liked to have purchased more, given that the money was going to a charity I support.

Anyway. Minor criticism; mostly major kudos and gratitude to the donors and organizers of a great event.

Hair: *TRC* by Aine Auer
Hairbase: PXL, blogged before
Jacket & Shirt: INDI Designs by Jamie Holmer
Jeans: Somapop by soma mayo
Boots: Gos by Gospel Voom
Poses: Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek

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